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Praia do Alvor Poente e Nascente (Três Irmãos)

Post code - Alvor
Municipality Portimão
Location Alvor

The beach is situated along the wide sand barrier that, by protecting the Ria do Alvor from the ocean, permits the existence of an inland lagoon with an extensive area of salt-marshes and channels of calm water. Not only is this habitat a sanctuary for countless species of water birds, both those living here all year round and migratory birds passing through the region, but it also functions as a breeding ground for many highly valuable species of fish and molluscs (ranging from bivalves to cuttlefish). The sand barrier is a huge one, stretching into the distance and out of sight: on the inland side of the barrier is the picturesque fishing town of Alvor, with its typical houses and with many sailing boats and fishing boats anchored in the lagoon; after the mudbanks come the sand dunes, held in place by their vegetation and extending all the way to the beach. On the seafront, you can see such delicate plants as sand couch grass, European beach grass, cottonweed, Cretan trefoil or sea daffodil. Despite their hot, dry environment, the dunes are the home to various species of birds, micro-mammals, reptiles and lots of insects. To the east, the sand dune system becomes narrower and gives way to an area of tourist developments. The carbonate cliffs, highly sculpted by the elements, reappear at the eastern end of the beach, where it is already possible to see some groups of rocks appearing in the sea.

Note: Avoid walking on the vegetation of the sand dune system, thus helping to preserve this vulnerable habitat.

Access: There is a tarmac road leading to the beach from the town of Alvor, (signposted on the EN 125, roughly five kilometres from Portimão). The beach is clearly signposted. There is a fairly large and partly organised parking area at Alvor Poente; and a fairly large but disorganised parking area at Alvor Nascente. The beach has various support facilities (restaurants and toilets) and is supervised during the bathing season. It is classified as an accessible beach and faces south/south-west.


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