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Praia da Alagoa (Altura)

Post code - Altura
Municipality Castro Marim
Location Altura

The village of Altura, essentially a summer holiday resort, accompanies the extensive sandy beach and its wide sand dune system, which is crossed over by a network of raised wooden footpaths, making it possible to observe the difference in vegetation between the seafront and the more inland region. Close to the immense expanse of sand from which the dune gradually rises up is an abundance of European beachgrass, sea holly, the fluffy cottonweed and the eye-catching sea daffodils. Further inland, the vegetation grows taller and there begin to appear the typical bushes of bridal broom, which at least afford some shade and visual relief from the dazzlingly hot sunny environment of the summer season. The line of the horizon opens up eastwards, where the landscape remains green, with the buildings of Monte Gordo framed by a vast area of pinewoods.

Notes: In order to help preserve this area, you should cross over the sand dunes using the raised wooden footpaths provided.

Access: There is a tarmac road from the EN 125, heading towards Altura, for a distance of roughly one kilometre. The beach has various support facilities (restaurants and toilets) and is supervised during the bathing season. The beach is classified as an accessible beach and faces south-east.


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